Organic Microgreens Seed Collection

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If you are tired of the high prices for organic produce, disgusted by what industrial agriculture is doing to the earth, or just want to get more super foods in your diet, this is the seed collection for you!

Microgreens are the ultimate in easy to grow vegetables. Grow them indoors, outdoors, in soil, with hydroponics, it all works as long as the seeds have some water and light.

This collection was specially curated to be both easy & nutrient packed. These sprouts are going to be perfect in salads, sandwiches, or anywhere you might put some greens. But they are also picked to look great while they grow, with rainbow blends and vibrant colors they will look great on your window seal or in your garden bed.

Included in this collection are:
Light Green Kale
Sprouting Broccoli
Spicy Mix
Mild Mix
Sandwhich Mix

Every seed in this collection is USA grown & packaged and is certified organic by ECOcert so you can trust what you are getting.

Rebel Gardens seeds also use seed packets made from 100% recycled materials and an outer bag made from 100% compostable material (yes even the label!) so you can feed your soil, not the landfill.

Say no to processed foods, artificial flavorings and GMOs. Say no to consumerism, wastefulness and corporate greed.

Get ready. Take action. Get growing.

Order this seed collection and Grow the Rebellion today!