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If you love how fresh herbs elevate any dish then we guarantee you’ll enjoy our hand picked, CERTIFIED organic, NON GMO, 100% non hybrid HEIRLOOM herbs or your money back.

The Most Aromatic & Flavorful

CULINARY CHEFS FAVORITE herb seeds variety pack makes even weeknight meals feel special. Perfect for frying, baking, stewing, or enjoying raw in your favorite salad!


  • Spicy garlicky-sweet chives
  • Italian flat leaf parsley
  • Fragrant sweet basil
  • Lemony minty thyme
  • Slow bolt cilantro
  • Bright fennel
  • Sultry oregano
  • Aromatic sage
  • Thai basil
  • Tangy dill

The Heartiest Growers – Indoor, Outdoor, Planter, Garden

  • Easy grow – simply plant, water, and enjoy!
  • Fast little sprouters – experience the peace of mind knowing your herb babies are growing when you see little greens pop threw the surface in days, not weeks.
  • Predictable yields – knowing that your herbs will grow helps you know what else to grow (salsa garden anyone?)

The Safest & Most Trusted

We do MORE than meticulously and continuously check our seeds for safety, power, potency and effect. We control the entire food chain! From the soil, to the water, to the seed, to where they grow and how they grow, you can rest assured you’re receiving ACTUAL CERTIFIED 100% organic, non GMO, non hybrid, ALL HEIRLOOM seeds without any of the impacts normally created by the industrial food complex.

The Best, Guaranteed

You’ll love how Rebel Gardens non GMO certified herb seeds sprout, grow and taste or your money back, no questions asked. So go ahead, click Add to Cart Now.