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Pack your plate with 13 irresistible nutrient-packed varieties of veg! Plant those tomato seeds, spinach seeds, kale seeds and watch your mealtimes spring to life with carrots, radishes, jalapenos and more!

In the modern world simply growing your own greens is an act of rebellion.

Step back. Live by your principles. Make a difference.

Do the world a favour and Grow the Rebellion.

To help make this happen, Rebel Gardens has collected 13 fantastic varieties of vegetable seeds to plant and grow.

Rebel Gardens knows how important it is to keep things as nature intended and every single seed is –

- Organic
- Heirloom
- Non-hybrid
- Non-GMO
- USA grown, harvested and picked

Keeping it all-organic and growing your own veggies doesn’t mean skimping on variety either, with this Rebel Gardens seed collection offering 13 different varieties of irresistible veggies! These include:

- Radish (150 seeds)
- Arugula (300 seeds)
- Broccoli (29 seeds)
- Bok Choy (30 seeds)
- Cucumber (14 seeds)
- Onion (75 seeds)
- Jalapeno (20 seeds)
- Spinach (30 seeds)
- Squash (15 seeds)
- Beefsteak Tomato (20 seeds)
- Carrots (130 seeds)
- Red Cherry Tomatoes (30 seeds)
- Kale (120 seeds)

Please note these seed counts are all approximate and packs are based on weight!

No experience growing your own veg? No worries!

Maybe you’ve never grown plants before or maybe you’re a growing expert who just wants some stress-free veggies. Whichever it is, Rebel Gardens make growing easy for you.

We specially select our seeds to be easy growers and their high germination rate makes growing your veggies a breeze!

Grow them in the backyard. Or the front yard. Or in a container! Grow them anywhere you want! All it takes is a little sunlight and warmth.

Say no to processed foods, artificial flavorings and GMOs. Say no to consumerism, wastefulness and corporate greed.

Get ready. Take action. Get growing.

Order this seed collection and Grow the Rebellion today!